Dusk at Aptos: Seacliff State Beach

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Monday, January 2, 2012

It is dusk, past sunset at Seacliff State Beach.

Venus as an Evening Star

Image or picture of Venus as an evening star over the Monterey Bay.

It is past sunset, maybe 6 PM. We are looking nearly west from Aptos, CA over the Monterey Bay. Centered in this picture close to the top is the planet Venus. As an inner planet, we on Earth may see it as a morning, or evening star. Of course it is a planet, and Evening Star sounds nice. Absolutly beautiful evening.

An Unusual Cloud Formation

Image or picture of an interesting cloud formation, orange, past sunset.

The pier and the cloud formation point southwest; to the left is the Monterey Penninsula in the distance, and we look out over the Monterey Bay. It is a bit earlier than the above image of Venus.

Image or picture of an interesting cloud formation over Monterey Bay

From a slightly different vantage point, the pier and the scuttled World War I era concrete ship are in the foreground.

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